Khaplu Postal Codes: ZIP Code of Khaplu Ghanche Baltistan [All Areas]

If you are looking for the Postal Code also known as the ZIP Code of Khaplu Baltistan, this is the post where you can find all the latest updated ZIP Codes of all the major areas of Khaplu.

As we know there are specific areas in every city and village where ZIP Codes and Postal Codes are used to send and receive parcels. These ZIP Codes make addresses easy to understand and find.

About ZIP Codes / Postal Codes

ZIP or Postal Codes are a series of numbers, better or a combination of both numbers and letters used in many countries around the world to specify a geographical location/area which helps to facilitate mail deliveries. It also helps the postal services to organize their mail to send to the correct destinations.

About Khaplu Baltistan

Khaplu Baltistan is one of the most beautiful regions located in the North of Pakistan and it is a major part of the Baltistan Region. It is the fifth district of the Baltistan region. Before there were only two districts in the region which were Skardu and Ghanche. Later on, the authorities made three more districts in Baltistan which are Roundu, Kharmnag, and Shigar.

Because we are talking about the Postal Codes of Khaplu, so let me be clear that many places in the region have their postal codes based on the area. So below you can see all the major areas and locations of the District Ghanche with the postal codes.

How The People of Khaplu Baltistan Use These Postal Codes?

There are thousands of people from Khaplu Baltistan and other regions who have migrated to the big cities of Pakistan for the sake of a better future and jobs. But many of their family members are still living in the villages. So they have to send goods and other things to support them. Because most of the villages are in remote areas where it is difficult to find basic things which are necessary for our day-to-day life.

This is the only way they can help and support their families by sending goods from the cities.

Postal Codes are super useful here to send and receive these goods at the right destinations. Writing the correct postal code of the area can make sure that they will not lose these things.

Postal Code of Khaplu Ghanche Baltistan

As we know Khaplu is the capital of District Ghanche which is one of the main districts of the Baltistan Region. In this post, you can get all the postal codes of the Ghanche District including Khaplu.

District Ghanche Khaplu Baltistan Postal Code

S.NoLocationPost OfficeProvincePostcode
1KirisKhaplu GhancheGilgit Baltistan16700
2GhowariKhaplu GhancheGilgit Baltistan16720
3DaghoniKhaplu GhancheGilgit Baltistan16750
4Khaplu Main CityKhaplu GhancheGilgit Baltistan16800
5ThagasKhaplu GhancheGilgit Baltistan16900
6DamsumKhaplu GhancheGilgit Baltistan16910
7GomaKhaplu GhancheGilgit Baltistan16920
8PionKhaplu GhancheGilgit Baltistan16810

Other Districts of Baltistan Postal Codes

Here is the list of all other postal codes of all the regions in Baltistan. These regions are divided based on Districts. As we mentioned above there are four more districts in the region.

Skardu City Postal Code List

S.NoLocationPost OfficeProvincePostcode
1Skardu GPO Head OfficeSkardu HeadquarterGilgit Baltistan16100
2Skardu NPOSkarduGilgit Baltistan01611
3KachuraSkarduGilgit Baltistan16150
4Skardu AirportGamba SkarduGilgit Baltistan16200
5Skardu Main BazarSkarduGilgit Baltistan16100
6HussainabadSkarduGilgit Baltistan16250

Roundu Postal Codes ZIP Codes

S.NoLocationPost OfficeProvincePostcode
1Baghicha RounduRounduGilgit Baltistan16500
2TeruRounduGilgit Baltistan01611
3ThowarRounduGilgit Baltistan16160

Kharmang Postal Codes ZIP Codes

S.NoLocationPost OfficeProvincePostcode
1ManthokhaKharmangGilgit Baltistan16420
2MehdiabadKharmangGilgit Baltistan16400
3OldingKharmangGilgit Baltistan16600
4SermikKharmangGilgit Baltistan16350


So this is the postal code/ZIP Code of the Khaplu region and all the other locations available in Skardu Baltistan. You can use these Postal codes to send anything via courier in the region.