Siksa Valley Chorbat Khaplu Baltistan – Tour Guide [Latest Updates]

Siksa Valley is located in District Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. This is a small village which is in the subdivision of Chorbat Valley. The distance from Skardu Valley is around 150 kilometers east. The distance from the Ghanche capital Khaplu is 50 kilometers. This is the last valley in Pakistan, and it lies near the Pakistan and India border. This valley is 2725 meters (8,940 ft) above sea level.

This valley is referred to as Chorbat village in the historical overview writing. This is the main village of Chorbat in which all the administrative offices are located. This village is at the end of Lungpa Valley, the path towards Chorbat La the oldest route between Ladakh and Baltistan.

Language of Siksa Valley

Balti is spoken in the entire region of Baltistan. The people of this valley also speak Balti, but their speaking style is a little bit different from the other regions of Baltistan. People also speak Urdu and English. There are thousands of tourists visiting this region so there are some people who can speak English also.