Surmo Valley Khaplu Baltistan [TRAVEL GUIDE 2024]

Surmo Valley is located in the District of Ghanche in Gilgit Baltistan. The word Surmo is divided into two parts Ser means Gold in the local language and mo means feminises. This is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Baltistan region.

The people of this valley are called Surmopa in the Balti Language. In this article, we will try to cover the complete lifestyle of this valley and their culture and other living style.

Location of Surmo

Surmo is 12 kilometers away from Khaplu Valley. The population of this village is around 10,000 and they live in 800 houses. Khaplu, Chorbat, Ghursay, and Shyok Rivers are neighbors of Surmo Valley. The muhallas are Khar, Teshari, Ghaazi-Thang, Chogo Grong, etc. The famous points are Rgyalmo Khar (Queen Palace), Mindoq Xar, and Shagaran Khar.

How to reach Surmo Valley?

This amazing valley is connected with all the cities of Pakistan with many routes. Skardu International Airport is 130 km away from this village and you can hire a private cab or any public transport to reach Surmo village. This valley can be reached through the Karakoram Highway and Khaplu Kargil Road. You can reach from Khaplu to Surmo by motorcycle, car, or any other vehicle.

When to Visit Surmo

You can visit this village in every season of the year but the best season is Spring Season. The spring season starts in March and ends in May. You can explore many new things at moderate temperature. You can see blossoms with beautiful flowers that create an amazing pictureable landscape. This is one of the best seasons to capture some amazing clicks.

The summer season of this valley starts in June and ends in mid-September. This season brings some sunny days that are best for exploring some amazing tracks. In winter the temperature goes down to -20. The whole valley turns white in the snow season.


This valley plays an important role in the transportation network for the army. The Surmo bridges linked the Mashabrum Region with Khaplu and Chorbat Valley which makes this valley important. In 2021 the newly constructed RCC bridges were made on the Shyok River which is very important for the military and the public.

Top Tourist Attractions of Surmo

Surmo is one of the most famous and amazing locations in Gilgit Baltistan. There are many tourist points. The famous points are Rgyalmo Khar (Queen Palace), Mindoq Xar, Surmo Broq, and Shagaran Khar.

Surmo Broq

In Gilgit Baltistan, a Broq is a place that is specifically for agricultural activities. In most areas of Baltistan, the Broq is far from the population and there is only cultural activities are done. The Broq is the main cause of living for the primary class of Baltistan. People who work in their fields in Broq do not permanently live in the Broq but they go there for activities like farming, grass cutting, grass growing, growing potatoes, wheat, etc.

Surmo Broq is one of the most beautiful Broq in Baltistan. There are hundreds of fields above the Surmo Valley. In winter it attracts many tourists from all over the world with lush green beauty. Khaplu Broq is very next to Surmo Broq and more than five times larger.

Sports in Surmo

The people of Surmo play many sports but volleyball and cricket are some of the most played sports in this village. The teams from this village participated in many sports on the district level. Other sports are Tyaku polo, Apush, football, and others.

Foods of Surmo Valley

This amazing village has a wide range of famous and historic foods. Famous foods are Balay, Kulcha, Azoq, Khurba, Rxap Khur, and others.

Language of Surmo

The people of Surmo Valley speak the Balti Language. They also can listen to and speak Urdu language and English.


The valley of Surmo is not only famous for its beauty but the other famous reason is the beautiful handicrafts of this amazing valley. The Tourists can visit the market for the best woodwork, and other handmade things.