Ghursay Valley Baltistan – Village of Shirazi Village Vlogs [GUIDE]

Ghursay is a small village in District Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan. This is situated in tehsil Mashabrum in Ghanche. this valley is so famous for the production of Baskets. This is situated 25 KM from Khaplu Valley, a drive of 40 minutes. In the past, this was one of the largest settlements in the Baltistan Region but floods reduced the large area of this village.

This is also the earliest settlement of Gilgit Baltistan. The population of this village is around 15,000 to 20,000. The villagers of this village are called Ghursaypa. Pa is a word that is used with a village name for villagers, such as Khaplupa, Salingpa, Ghursapa, etc.

There are two famous ways to reach this amazing place. One is from the valley of Macholu and the other is from the Ghazithang route. The 2nd route from Ghazithang is the most commonly used because of its ease. Ghursay plains is the largest plains in Ghanche and the 2nd largest in Gilgit Baltistan after Deosai. Due to heavy floods in the past few years, this village has suffered. No action is taken by the Government and authorities to reduce the river flood.

The people of This village are moving towards big cities for better education and facilities. They are moving to Skardu, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi for the best facilities of Education, employment, and living standards.

Village of Shirazi Village Vlogs

Famous YouTuber and Vlogger Muhammad Shiraz (Shirazi Village Vlogs) and Muhammad Taqi (Siachen Village Vlogs) also belong to Ghursay. Shirazi Village Vlogs is a YouTube channel of little Muhammad Shiraz and his sister Muskan. In a few days, he is the trending YouTuber on all social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (X). Recently his Facebook page Instagram ID and YouTube channel hit the milestone of a Million Followers.

He is the first YouTuber from Gilgit Baltistan to achieve this milestone. Recently he participated in the biggest Ramadan TV Show Shaan e Ramazan on ARY Channel, hosted by Waseem Badami. Little cute Shiraz calls Waseem Badami Waseem Badshaami, which goes viral on social media platforms. He also received a grand welcome in Lahore from the famous YouTuber Ducky Bhai. Shiraz also met the number one journalist in Pakistan Mr. Imran Riaz Khan in the Capital.

Handicrafts of Ghursay

The main famous reason for this village is the production of baskets and handmade carpets. The handicrafts of this village are famous all over Baltistan.

Chorung and Kha’di

In Ghursay a very special type of bamboo is found in these areas. The locals of this village unplug the bamboo and the process starts. They start the drying process in summer and do the other in their spare time in winter and finally, they make some amazing designs like baskets, Chorung, Khatii, etc. This bamboo which is called Dawoo in the local language is only found in this valley. Ghursay Valley is the only Valley that produces and supplies these baskets all over Gilgit Baltistan.

When to Visit Ghursay

The best weather for a visit to this place is the summer season. The whole Valley turns into lush green at the start of April and end of September. Tourists can see the beautiful lush green Valleys all over Gilgit Baltistan. In winter the weather goes down to -20 and the valley turns to white because of snow.

How To Reach in Ghursay Valley?

There are two historic ways to reach this valley. One is from Ghazithang and the other road is from Machulu. Most of the tourists and locals use the Ghazithang side because this road is so easy and comfortable to travel.

Education in Ghursay

This village is the most backward area of Gilgit Baltistan. There is only a single primary school that is providing education to the students. The students travel to Khaplu and Skardu to get Higher Education.

Foods of Ghursay Valley

Some famous foods of Ghursay Valley include Balay, Prapoo, Azoq, Kulcha, Marzan, Balti Halwa, Faring, Zaan, zer Chung, etc.


People of this valley speak the Balti Language. In the past years, people of this valley have started getting an education and they also speak Urdu and the English language. You can easily hire a tour guide or translator from this place.