Thagus Valley Baltistan – Centre Point of Mashabrum [Guide By Locals]

Thagus Valley is located in District Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan. This is the capital and main point of the Mashabrum subdivision. This Valley is located 32 KM 20 miles and 1 hour drive from District Headquarters Khaplu in the east. This valley is situated on the bank of the River of Saltoro which joins another section of Shyok River.

This beautiful valley comes on the way that has the world’s best and most beautiful valleys, Mountains, Glaciers, Rivers, and the border of India and Pakistan border. Beautiful Sino Valley is very next to this amazing valley.

History and Tradition

Thagas is the main point of the Mashabarum subdivision. This valley is on the way towards Saltoro Valley and the Siachen Border, which is one of the highest battlefields in the world. You can also go to Saltoro pass through this valley which is one of the oldest and traditional routes towards Kashgar.

Tourists can find the oldest mosque that was built by Hazrat Shah e Hamdan which he built when he was on the way to Kashgar.


Thagus is the capital of the subdivision of Mashabrum so everyone knows about the importance of education. There are many primary schools in this region 1 middle school and a high school. After Matric completion, this village’s students travel to Khaplu, Skardu, Gilgit, Rawalpindi, Karachi, and Lahore.

The literacy rate of this village is very high compared to other villages of the Mashabrum subdivision.

Sports in Thagus

The people of this village also know the importance of sports. They play Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball and other local sports.


Foods are very common all over Baltistan. Some famous foods of this village are Balay, Azoq, Kulcha, Zer chung, Kisir, zaan, etc. You can get these foods in all the regions of Baltistan. Pakistani Italian and Thai dishes are also served in the hotels of Baltistan.

How to reach Thagus?

There is a single road by which we can reach this valley. You can get a local taxi or local bus from Khaplu that drops you in this valley.


Thagus is the center point of some amazing valleys. Haldi village is situated on the northwest side of Thagus and above 6 km. Paron Valley is in the east on 6 km Surmo Valley is situated on the south side and Talis Valley on the northwest side of Thagus. One of the most beautiful Valley of Saling is situated on the west side of this village.

Mobile Networks in Thagus Valley

All Pakistani mobile networks are providing their services in this village. You can connect with your family and relatives from this village. Internet facility is also available to this village. You can also run fast 4G with a special communication network SCOM.

You just need to buy the SCOM sim from any franchise of SCO. you can buy SCOM sim from any place in Gilgit Baltistan.


Balti language is spoken in all the valleys of Baltistan. People can also speak and listen to Urdu and English Language.