Kondus Valley Khaplu Baltistan- The Last Valley of Pakistan [GUIDE]

Kondus Valley is situated in District Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan. This is the last village in Pakistan. This village shares boundaries with India on the eastern side. This village is located 150 km from Skardu and 62 km and a ride of 2 hours from the capital of Ghanche. The minimum population is around 10,000.

This valley is very next to the famous Siachen Glaciers and some parts of this Galcirers are also situated in this valley. There are many famous peaks and an incredibly beautiful green valley. Foreign tourists and mountainers used to visit this amazing valley before 1984 but after that Army made their checkposts, camps, and entry points that’s why foreigners are not allowed to visit this place. Two rivers flow through the Kondus River Khorkondo and River Kaywer.

This valley is considered the last valley of Pakistan. There are 6 muhallas in this village including Chogogrong چھوغوگرونگ, Jaffarabad جعفرآباد, Thang تھنگ, Khorkondo خورکنڈو, Karmanding کرمنڈینگ, and Lachat لچهت. The main occupation of this village is agriculture and most of this village’s people are farmers. There are many waterfalls and springs located in this village that are enough for agricultural purposes.

Khorkondo Hot Spring

A hot spring is situated in the village of Khorkondo which is famous as Khorkondo Garam Chashma. The water of this spring is so hot that you can boil eggs in just a few minutes. Many people visit this place in summer and winter. The water is so hot that you can’t touch it.

Shilajit Salajeet in Kondus

Salajeet is an organic mineral that is found in a large number in this valley. People of Kondus Valley sold this product all over Pakistan and some parts of the world. This mineral is found as a rock in mountains; people bring it and sell it in solid and powder shapes. You can get original and pure Salajeet from this village.

Education in Kondus

This valley is considered one of the most backward villages of District Ghanche. In the past people did not get their education properly because of the lack of facilities. Now in the modern era, people are aware of the importance of education. Many government and private schools offer education for the students. Students of this village used to go to cities for higher education. Many top-educated students in this village is a role model for the new generation. There are many engineers, doctors, and teachers from this valley.

When to Visit Kondus

Tourists can visit this village in every season of the year, but the most suitable season for visit is spring season and summer season. You will be amazed by the amazing lush green valley in summer and the beautiful scenery in spring. In the winter the temperature goes down to -20.

How To Reach in Kondus Valley?

You can reach this valley through Saltoro Road. Local cars and vans travel from Khaplu to this village. Skadu International Airport is just 162 km away from Kondus.


Famous and traditional foods of this valley are Prapoo, Kulcha, Balay, Marzan, Payo Kulcha, Azoq, Zerchung, Bat, Kisir, Bengyas, Konduq, Mamtu, Khurbaa, Rxap Khoor, etc.


The population of this valley is 100% Muslim. The majority of this valley people follow Shia Asna Ashri and some others are from the Noorbakshia sect.