Balghar Valley Khaplu Ghanche Baltistan – Beautiful Valley in Ghanche [GUIDE 2024]

Balghar Valley is situatred in District Ghanche, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan at the side of River Shyok. The valley of Balghar consists of many small and large muhallas including Gond, Chan Gond, Chopya, Rotaka, Ongbo, Marmoung, Khanka Grong, Khodakha, Gareippa, Krawathang, Khashu, Gamba Bordas, Yompowa, and Xoq. This valley is famous for its hospitality and tourist points. Balghar Polo Ground is one of the oldest Polo Grounds in this region.

The distance from the center of District Ghanche, Khaplu is 50 kilometers northwest, and the distance from Skardu is 2 hr 34 min, 96.8 km through Kargil-Skardu Road and Shyok River Road. This valley is only accessible by road.

The valley of Balghar is divided into 2 parts. One name is Chogo Balghar which consists of 15 muhallas and the other name is Chuu Fug, have 5 muhallas. According to some sources, this valley’s population is around 20k.

Places to Visit in Balghar

This valley is one of the most touristic points of District Ghanche. Thousands of people from all over the world visit this beautiful valley in summer. Some famous tourist points are

  • Xoq Balghar
  • Balghar Broq (Hasho & Khodu)
  • Goan Chumik
  • Ranga of Balghar
  • Ol of Balghar
  • Burdas Power Station
  • Balghar Polo Ground
  • Skam Khar
  • Krawthang Saara


The religion of this valley is Islam. According to sources, the ratio of Muslims is 100%, of which 77% belongs to Noorbakhshia and other belongs to different sects including Sunni, Ahle Hadith, Shia, etc.

Education in Balghar

The people of Balghar know the value of education that’s is why there are many schools in this valley educating the locals. There are 2 model schools, 5 primary schools, many tent schools, 2 middle schools, and 5 Basic Education Community Schools.

The main occupation of this valley is agriculture, and many people from this valley serve as soldiers in the Pakistan Army. Balti is the language of this region.

I recommend you visit this valley, and I hope you will be amazed by the hospitality of the people of Balghar. So this is the best region for tourists in summer and winter. You don’t need to worry about the hotels because you can find hotels in Khaplu at very cheap rates.