Thalay Valley – a Beautiful Valley in Baltistan [TRAVEL GUIDE 2024]

Thalay Valley is situated in District Ghanche, in the Baltistan region. There are many beautiful small villages in this valley, some names are Broqpaa Balturo, Gongma Baltoro, Harangus, Chundu, Taso, Parangus, Haltagari, Yarkhor, burdas, Baltoro, and Daltir etc. Balti language is spoken in this region. This valley is located at Shyok River which meets on the Indus River in the Keris Valley situated 30 Km west of this valley.

This beautiful valley is situated at the center of famous and splendid valleys like Hushe Valley in the East, Keris Valley in the West District Shigar in the North, and Valley of Daghoni/Balghar in the South. This Valley is 40km long 20km wide and 2647m above sea level, and located 35km away from the Khaplu Valley and 110 km from Blatistan Capital Skardu.

Education in Thalay Valley

The people of this region are not well educated in the past, but they know the importance of Education. The are many schools that offer quality education to the students. There is only a single Higher Secondary School in Thalay and Two High Schools. The number of Middle Schools in this valley is 2 and 4 primary schools and a total of 6 Basic Education Community Schools is working now.


Some more details about Thalay is below:
The total population of this valley is 12,960. There are 5 Glaciers and 6 Natural Lakes. The literacy of males is 60% and the female literacy ratio is 50%. The main occupation of this valley is Agriculture and other peoples are from different fields. The total settlement of this valley is 15.

Infrastructure in Thalay

There is a fruit nursery, owned by the agriculture department, a Post office, and a Ration depot. 3 power stations are working nowadays including Hydle station in the muhalla of Daltir, Hydle station phase I in Parangus, and Hydle station phase II in the Baltoro sector.

Health care

There are Four first aid posts, A class dispensary, a Veterinary dispensaryReferences in Harangus, and a C-class dispensary in Tagari.