Siachen Tower Saltoro – New Tourist Destination in Baltistan

Saltoro Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. It is situated in District Ghanche in the province of Gilgit Baltistan. This valley is situated at the world’s highest border between Pakistan and India. The world’s highest battlefield, Siachen, is also situated in this valley.

The distance from Khaplu to Saltoro is around 2 to 2.5 hours and 5 hours from Skardu Baltistan.

The Siachen Tower is located around the 3 hours of trekking from Saltoro Sait. The Beautiful Saltoro Broq also comes across the way. The way from Saltoro to Siachen is full of scenery with beautiful green villages, Big rocks, several types of trees, and fresh and green Saltoro meadows.

All you need to know about Siachen Tower

There is no NOC required to travel to Siachen Tower and also no travel restriction. You just need Rs 3000/- for the fuel and don’t worry about food, because Saltoro is famous for its hospitality in the World. The height of Siachen Tower is almost 60 Feet. and surrounded by green fields and beautiful scenery. This place is best for adventurers and explorers. This place is discovered in 2029 by a local Ramzan Siachen via his Facebook page.

The weather at Siachen Tower

The beautiful Saltoro is in the region of the Siachen Glaciers. The weather at Siachen Tower is very cold in winter. The temperature goes to -20C in the winter. This tourist point is closed in winter due to heavy snowfall.
In the summer, the temperature normally remains around 15C to 20C at the top of Siachen Tower. So the best time to visit this place is in Summer in June to August.

Siachen Tower is best for Camping. The Tourists can get inner peace at this place because of this beautiful scenery.