Saltoro Valley Baltistan- The Last Valley of Pakistan [TOUR GUIDE]

Saltoro Valley is situated in District Ghanche, Gilgit Baltistan. It is the highest valley in Pakistan. This valley is located near the beautiful Saltoro Mountain Range and is under the administration of the Government of Pakistan. The great Saltoro Kangri is also part of the mountain range. The World’s highest battleground between Pakistan and India is also under the territory of this valley.

The beautiful Shyok River falls from this valley. The distance between Skardu to Saltoro is 166 Km and a drive of around 5 hours. The distance from the district Headquarters Khaplu to Saltoro Valley is around 57 Km and a drive of 2 hours by road. You can reach this valley by road or by Helicopter. The actual cost from Skardu Valley to Saltoro Valley is around RS 2000/- by road.

Saltoro Mountains

The Saltoro Mountains are situated in the mountain range of Karakoram and a subrange in the range of Karakoram range. They are situated on the southwest side of Siachen Glacier, which is the longest glacier in the world. The Saltoro Mountains are situated on the major glaciers including Siachen, Baltoro, Biafo, and Hispar Glaciers.

MountainHeight (m)Height (ft)First ascent
Saltoro Kangri7,74225,4001962
Ghent Kangri (Mount Ghent)7,40124,2811961
Sherpi Kangri7,38024,2131976
Saltoro Mountains