Hushe Valley – Trekking Hub of Pakistan [Travel Guide By LOCALS]

Hushe Valley is located in District Ghanche, Gilgit Baltistan. This valley starts from the famous Shyok River (Indus River) and ends on the world’s high mountains. This valley is famous for some of the highest mountains and beautiful treks. Some highest peaks are over 6,000 meters and others are above 8,000 meters. Some famous peaks are K1, Laila Peak, K7, K6, Gasherbrum I (K5), and Gasherbrum II (K4).

Why Visit Hushe Valley?

The Hushe Valley is famous for some highest peaks in the world. These beautiful mountains attract the trekkers. Murtaza Peak is below the K6 campsite. You can enjoy your night by making BBQs and Bonfires with your friends and families. If you’re not a mountaineer, or you don’t like hiking then you can visit the villages near Hushe Valley and you will surely enjoy this beautiful greenery and cherry blossom.

Where to Stay in Hushe?

If you’re planning to visit Hushe Valley and you are worried about your stay in this valley, you don’t need to worry. There are two guest rooms in Hushe Valley. One is run by a local named Hussain Guest House and the other is a Spanish-run hostel called the Refugio. The rooms of Hussain Guesthouse are very clean and neat and it started from RS 1,000 the Owner Hussain is also a good cook. while the rooms of the Spanish hostel start from 4,000.

Weather Condition

The weather is very cold in winter and sometimes the temperature is -20 during the night. While the temperature in summer is normal and local people produce vegetables and wheat etc for their daily needs.

Hushe Villages

The village of Hushe Valley is one of the most beautiful and traditional villages in Pakistan. In summer, the whole village is green and has very beautiful scenery with wheat fields. The locals are very hospitable and kind. They live in a community system and support each other in every situation.

Tourists Attractions

Hushe Valley is one of the most tourist areas of this region. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place during the season of hiking. There are many hiking routes like easy, and adventurous. The tourists who start their mountain can choose the easy track while the experts can hike on the adventurous hiking routes. Tourists will love the beautiful high mountains and glaciers of this valley.
We will suggest you visit this place in apricot season and you will love the natural beauty of this valley.