Saling Valley Khaplu – Saling Cricket Stadium [Everything You Need to Know]

Saling Valley is located in Khaplu District Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan. It is one of the most beautiful valleys in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. It is the corridor to Beautiful Hushe Valley Baltistan. There is a beautiful camping spot near Saling Lake. Khaplu Town is on the other side view of Saling Valley. This valley is located 20 minutes’ drive from Khaplu Valley.

Saling Fish Farm is one of the most famous spots in Saling Valley, which offers delicious fish foods. Tourists can order Trout Fish at a very cheap rate. There are many springs in this valley and some springs at fish farms. The water of these springs is cold in summer and hot in winter. The spring is perfect for the locals.

The Indus River falls from Saling, and there is a wooden and RCC bridge so the locals and tourists cross the river. At a time, on the wooden bridge, only a single vehicle can cross and the RCC bridge is a lined road. Markhors are also found in this valley, In winter you can see the markhors at the mountain.
There are also signs of Buddhism in Saling Valley Like other valleys of the Baltistan region.

The Royal Fort of the Amacha family is also there in this valley. The Saling Fort is not bigger than Khaplu Palace, that’s why this is not as famous as Khpalu Khar.

The people of Saling Valley complete their daily necessaries by growing Potatoes, tomatoes, wheat, and other vegetables. Saling is also famous for its delicious fruits. There is no Police station in this valley the crime rate is zero. There has been no police case registered in the last several years.

Saling Cricket Stadium Khaplu

There is a beautiful cricket stadium in this valley, and its name is followed by the Saling Valley. This is one of the most beautiful Cricket Stadium in all over the world and Pakistan, and especially in Gilgit-Baltistan, it is very famous for its beauty.

This Stadium has hosted the ‘All Baltistan Cricket Tournament’ for several years. This stadium is owned by the district administration and there is no restriction on playing at this place. The Tournament is organized by the locals of Saling Valley. Teams from all around Gilgit-Baltistan have participated in this tournament.

Sogha Lake Saling Valley

This beautiful lake is also located in this valley. This lake is very amazing and unique compared to other lakes in GB. We can see the plants on the surface of the water. The water is sky blue and clear. This is the best point of Trout Fish of Gilgit-Baltistan.

When to Visit Saling

Saling is very beautiful and you can visit this place in any month. But the best and most scenic month is from April to September. In these six months, you can view the beauty of this valley and you can find this valley with green farms and trees. In mid of September and October, the valley is very colorful with different colors of trees in Autumn.

How To Reach in Saling?

Tourists from all over the world can visit Khaplu and then they can visit the beautiful valley by road or by crossing the river in winter by local boat named Zakh in Balti language. Zakh is only useable in winter when the falling of water of the river Indus is very low. The other way is by road which is useable all the years. There are two bridges, one is a wooden bridge and the other is an RCC bridge.

Education in Saling

Saling is one of the most backward valleys of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. There are no higher education schools in this valley. Students travel to Khaplu, Skardu, Gilgit, and other cities of Pakistan to get higher education. There are only some primary schools that facilitate the students to get their basic education. Khaplu is very next to this valley that why students travel to Khaplu Valley for higher education.

Sports in Saling

Famous Cricket Stadium of Gilgit Baltistan is situated in this village. Cricket is one of the most famous and played sports in this village. Many players from this valley played cricket and other sports. Some other famous sports are Football, Volleyball, Polo, and other local sports. Polo is also one of the most oldest and famous sports in this region. Teams from this village participate in different sports played in District Ghanche and other parts of the Baltistan region.

Foods of Saling Valley

The foods of the Baltistan Region are the most delicious and healthy. These foods are the best way to maintain your health. You can try some delicious foods like Prapu, Kisir, Balay, Azoq, Zer Chong, Abgosht, and other foods. In the hotels, you can also get other foods like Pakistani Krahi, Biryani, etc, and Chinese Italian, Thai, etc.

Trout Fish of Saling

Saling is also famous for the production of the Trout fish. There are many farms in which they produce Trout fish. When you visit this place you can get trout fish and you can enjoy it with your friends and family. There are some hotels near these farms and you can enjoy the meal and trout with some best spices. The prices of the fish are very cheap in this area.

Language of Saling Khaplu

People from this valley speak the Balti language. They can also speak and understand Urdu. Some people also speak English.

Mobile Networks

SCO provides the facility of 4G services to all the Districts of Gilgit Baltistan. Tourists can also enjoy high-speed 4G internet in this valley. You can easily get the Scom sim from Khaplu Bazar and enjoy it. Other networks like Zong, Telenor, Ufone, and Mobilink also have their signal towers in this area and you can get connected to your relatives and family members from all over the world.


Noorbakhshia is the most followed religion of this village. Other sects are Shia, Ahle Sunnat, and Ahle Hadith, etc.

At the end, we will suggest you visit this amazing place with your families and friends and enjoy your vacation and must try the local foods and trout fish once.