Chaqchan Mosque – Oldest Mosque of Baltistan Valley [Everything Need You To Know]

The Chaqchan Mosque is located in Khaplu (Khapalu) District Ghanche Gilgit-Baltistan North region of Pakistan. The meaning of Chaqchan Mosque is ‘The Miraculous Mosque’. It was built in 1370 and is considered one of the oldest Mosques in the Baltistan Region.

This mosque was built at the time when people of this region converted from Buddhism to Islam. This beautiful Mosque is similar to the Mosques of Kashmir Valley in architecture. It is a mixture of Persian, Mughal, and Tibetan styles of architecture.

History of Chaqchan Mosque

According to history, Mir Syed Ali Hamdani built Chaqchan Mosque, but other sources claim that Sufi Saint Sayyed Nurbaksh traveled from Kashmir to Baltistan for the Propagation of Islam, and the local Raja accepted Islam and in 1370 he gave permission to build a Mosque in Chaqchan.

According to research, the Mosque was built two decades before the birth of Sayyed Noorbakhs.

Architecture of Chaqchan Mosque

The Mosque is a Mixture of Persian, Tibetan, and Mughal styles. It consists of two stories, a semi-basement, a ground floor, and a verandah. The walls of this Mosque are built with wooden slabs and the remaining space is daubed with mud and clay.

This technique is similar to the Roman Opus technique. The method of this construction is very old and used to make it weatherproof and it is suitable for cold winter weather.

Some Useful Information About Chaqchan Mosque

Name of MosqueChaqchan Mosque
LocationKhaplu, District Ghanche
Built Year1370 C.E.
Materials of constructionWood, Clay, Mud
Chaqchan Mosque Khaplu

The Pakistani Government considers this Mosque as a Pakistani Heritage Site. Now People use this Mosque for the worship of Allah.

Every year tourists from all around the world visit this place and it is the first tourist attraction in Khaplu Ghanche. If you’re planning a trip your choice must be beautiful Khaplu and its old heritage points. Don’t forget to visit this Mosque and the construction of this Mosque that was built hundreds of years ago.