Keris Valley Baltistan – Gateway of District Ghanche [GUIDE]

Keris Valley is located in District Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan. This village is considered a gateway of District Ghanche. A famous pedestrian bridge that goes viral on social media named ‘Door to Heaven’ is also located in this beautiful village. One of the oldest Hydel Power Station, the oldest canal was built hundreds of years ago, Astana of Hazrat Mir Mukhtar and Ali Mosavi, the great Indus and Shyok RIver meeting point, and the House of Peer of Noorbakhshia also located in this amazing valley.

This village is located on the distance of 70 km from Khaplu Baltistan main Bazar and around 33 km from Skardu main Bazar. This is the last village of Ghanche and after that, the territory of Skardu Valey started. The people of Keris go to their work or shopping in Skardu instead of Khaplu.


There are two amazing and beautiful hanging bridges including a bridge for transportation purposes and a pedestal hanging bridge. Recently a new RCC bridge was built that is a great way of transportation for for the locals and tourists.

Hub of Islam

This valley is so famous as a Hub of Islam. Hazrat Mir Mukhtar Akhiyaar teaches the message of Allah to the local people of Keris Valley. Before Mir Mukhtar, this region is totally 100% Buddhist. He faced many challenges while teaching Islam. He came from Iran with his family and started teaching in Shigar Valley. He was one of the most trustable people of the Royal King of Shigar. Later Hazrat Mir Mukhtar was shifted to Keris and lived his remaining life in this village.

Tourism in Keris Valley

Keris is very famous for its amazing lush green fields. Tourists can visit the amazing valley and get a warm welcome from the locals. Many houses were built hundreds of years ago. You can visit Mir Mukhtar Astana, Keris Bridge, the years-old Canal, etc.

When to Visit Keris

Keris has the same weather as Khaplu. The best season for exploring is Cherry Blossom season. You will witness some amazing scenery in these months. Tourists can also visit this village in summer because some amazing lush green fields will wait for the tourists in summer.

Education in Keris

Education plays an important role in any country’s development. People of this village also know about the importance of education. There are many government and private primary, middle, and high schools that play an amazing role in developing the country. Students of this valley go to down cities for further studies. There is no college or university in this region so the students travel a long distance for education.

Sports in Keris

Cricket is one of the most famous sports in this region. The annual cricket tournament was held in Keris in which teams from all over the Baltistan region participated. Diamond Cricket Club and Sunrise Cricket Club are the most famous clubs in this valley. People also play football, volleyball, and other local sports.


The people of Keris Valley Baltistan speak the Balti language like all other regions of the Baltistan division.

Mobile Networks

All mobile networks including Zong, Telenor, Ufone, and Jazz provide their facilities for the locals. You can also buy a local SCOM sim from any franchise to enjoy fast internet 4G service.


The religion of this valley is Islam. Most of the people are the followers of Noorbakhshia sect and some others are Shia Asna Ashri, Ahl e Sunnah, etc.