Gulshan E Kabir Ghanche Khaplu Baltistan [Tour Guide 2024]

Gulshan e Kabir is a beautiful village located in Khaplu Ghanche. This is located 40 km drive from the capital of District Ghanche. This village is one of the most beautiful villages in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. People are very honest and very friendly to visitors. Tourists don’t need any hotel or guest house to live there because the people of this valley are hospitable and honest. Thagus Valley, Sinu, Saltoro, and Surmo Valley are the surrounding valleys of Gulshan e Kabir.


Pharowa is the old name of this valley and Ralta Khonbuu was the other older name of Gulshan e Kabir. This village is very famous and known for its beautiful and lush green fields and some high meadows. In the past, a heavy flood from the mountains causes complete devastation of Gulshan e Kabir.

The surrounding villages of Gulshan e Kabir noticed after the flood that there were no green fields and trees left in this village, so they started calling it Phara, a Balti word that means Bald. Later phara became Pharowa, the villagers never liked this name. The people call Pharoea and Ralta Khonbu equally but the word Pharowa dominated and registered in the government offices. The people of this village are called Pharowarpa.

A group of youth from Ralta Khonbu who are residing in Karachi started a mission to change the name of their village. They founded an organization named Anjuman Falaah o Bahboud. They suggested many names in their meetings but after some time they agreed on the name of Gulshan e Amer Kabir or Gulshan e Kabir.

The meaning of Gulshan e Kabir is the Garden of Sufi Alim Hazrat Ammer Kabir. He was the first person to come to Baltistan to teach Islam. The villagers warmly welcomed the new name and now the name of this village is Gulshan e Kabir.

Sports in Gulshan e Kabir

Polo is one of the most popular games in this village. A team from this village participated in an annual sports event in Ghanche, Jashan e Ghanche. They are also played in all other districts of Gilgit Baltistan. Some other sports of this valley are cricket, volleyball, football, and some other local sports.

Foods of Gulshan e Kabir

Foods of this village are very amazing, delicious, and tasty. You can try some local foods including trout fish, Marzan, balay, Prapoo, balti kulcha, balti Azoq, etc.

When to Visit

Tourists can visit this place at any time of the year. There is no prohibited area in this place so no restrictions are present. You can enjoy some amazing scenery of meadows, mountains, rivers, lush green fields, and an amazing atmosphere.


The language of this village is Balti. They can also speak Urdu and as well as English.

Mobile Networks

All Pakistani mobile networks are working in this valley including SCOM. Tourists can also enjoy fast 4G internet from SCO’s special communication organization.


The total population of this village is Muslims and the followers of the Noorbakshia sect.