Hassanabad Village Chorbat Khaplu Baltistan [Travel Guide]

Hassanabad is a very beautiful valley in subdivision Chorbat in District Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan. This valley is located near the Indian border. In the past, this is the main trade point and route to Ladakh and Kargil. This is located 141 km from Skardu Valley in the east and 38 km from Khaplu Valley.

This is the most beautiful and lush green valley of Chorbat. There are seven muhalla and more than 290 households. This village is considered the most backward area of Baltistan in all spheres of life.


Hassanabad village is located on the bank of Shyok River which is the starting point of the great Indus river. This is on an average elevation of 2670 meters.

There are many famous, beautiful, and popular villages near Hassanabad including Siksa, Piun, Frano, Prtuk, etc. There is no forest, local people used herbs and shrubs for medical purposes and food for their cattle.

The main source of income is agriculture. There are seven muhallas in Hassanabad including Painkhor, Gabkhor, Thangkhor, Hajipakhor, Goostrang, Komick, and Oraitan. Many people in this village are working as Bakery chefs in different cities. They started their own business in Khaplu, Skardu, and other cities.


Kusting was the name of this valley in the past, the meaning of the word Kusting is large storage of water. The language is Balti and most people can also speak Urdu and English. The entire valley is the followers of Sofia Noorbakhshia Muslim. It was the main route for Ladakh and Kargil in the past. Now the border is closed and they can meet their relatives in India through Mobile calls.


The weather in Hassanabad during the whole summer is normal due to the mountains, and the heat of Pakistan down cities does not reach here.

The ratio of rainfall and monsoon is quite low like in other parts of Pakistan. The temperature of this village is very low in summer, and the normal temperature is around 27 °C in June, and July and a minimum (in October) of 8 °C. The temperature goes down -25 in winter from December to February. There is heavy snowfall in the winter season.


Agriculture, the Shyok River, Mountains and Peaks, and horticultural resources are the natural resources of Hassanabad Village. Most people of this valley work in their fields and farms.

Their agriculture is summer-based because the temperature goes down to -25 in winter. The crops are beans, potatoes, tomatoes, maize, wheat, and other food crops.


This valley is accessible only by road. The Shyok Road connects this valley with Headquarters Khaplu, Skardu Valley, and other cities in Pakistan.

The condition of the road is very bad because of the elected members. They even did not visit this place. Sometimes the roads are blocked for several weeks because of the heavy rainfall and flooding.

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