Haldi Village Ghanche Baltistan – Haldi Cones [Travel Guide]

Haldi village is located in District Ghanche in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. This village is located at the center meeting point of River Saltoro and Hushe River. This valley is located 28 km from Khaplu and 130 km from Skardu. This village is one of the most historic and oldest villages in Baltistan. Haldi is famous for the most beautiful Haldi Cones.

Tourists can visit this village at any time and they will find beautiful lush green fields, mountains, peaks, rivers, and most honest people.


According to some books, Haldi was the ancient administration of the great Khaplu Valley. In 850 A.D. Mathal came to Haldi through the route of Kondus Valley from Central Asia and built the fort of Stranpo Khar in rock. He is the founder of the state of Haldi. He invaded Pharowa, and then took control of Saltoro and Hushe he moved towards Khaplu.

He became the King of all these regions making his fort in Haldi. According to history by Molvi Hashmatullah Lakhnavi in Tarikh e Jammu and Yusuf Hussain Abadi in Tarikh e Baltistan, He was the founder of the great Yabgo dynasty.

Johar Ali Johar

Johar Ali Jphar known as Bwa Johar is one of the most famous Balti Poet. His Mazaar is located near the Khanqah of Haldi. He was the renowned Balti poet of that time. He is the writer of 70 Bahar e Taweel.

He wrote many Balti Noha, Balti Qasidah, Balti Marsiya, Balti Manqabat, and balti Naat. His famous names are Firdos e Baltistan and the king of Bahar Taweel Shehanshah e Bahar Taweel. He also wrote many Persian Qasida, Marsiya, Nohay, Manqabat, and Naat. He was also famous for his Persian Poetry.

Haldi Cones

Haldi Cones is located in Haldi Ghanche a district in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. Haldi Cones are a group of mountains located in the Karakoram Mountain range. The highest point of these peaks is around 7,742 m (25,400 ft).

These mountains are located in Haldi and are at a distance of 28 km from Khaplu Valley. Some of these cones are not climbed yet by any mountaineer. Peaks of Khane Valley that are located on the north side of Haldi cones are climbed.


Sports plays an important role in maintaining our health. People of this valley also know about the importance of sports. They play many games in Haldi. Cricket is one of the most played games in this village. Volleyball is played in winter by the locals.

Some other sports include Polo, Hockey, Football, Apush, Byafo Thap, Sikit, Tyaku polo, etc.

Traditional Foods 

Traditional foods of this valley include Prapoo, Balay, Marzan, Azoq, Zerchung, Kisir, Bengyas, Mamtu, Khurbaa, Rxap Khoor, etc. You can also get Pakistani foods like biryani, Pulao, Chicken Karahi, Mutton curry, etc.

Mobile Networks

Tourists can run any Pakistani mobile network. Zong, Jazz, Warid, Telenor, and Ufone are providing their services to locals and tourists. They can also try the fast 4G internet of the Special Communication Organization (SCO). They can get the sim from any franchise all over Gilgit Baltistan.

The people of this village are so friendly and Hospitable. They are the most honest and polite, and you don’t need any hotel or guest house to stay the night. Tourists can also try some amazing local foods that are only available in any local traditional house.

They speak the Balti language and like them, the balti language is also very sweet.

The ratio of Muslims in this village is 100%. They are the followers of Noorbakhshia. Some people are also followers of Shia Asna Ashri. The best season to visit this place is the season of blossom and summer. The scenes are mind-blowing and attractive.

Thousands of tourists visit this village every year and spend their holidays here in the mountains.

So I suggest you visit this amazing and beautiful valley once in your life and I hope you will go from here with unforgettable memories.