Facts You Probably Don’t Know about Khaplu: Everything You Need to Know

Khaplu is located in the northern area of Pakistan. It is 102 km away from Skardu city. Its district is Ghanche. Khaplu Valley is known for its rich culture. We will say that Khaplu is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan. Many beautiful valleys attract tourists to visit here. In this post, we will discuss some amazing facts that you don’t know about Khaplu Valley.


Khaplu has a rich history and amazing culture. According to some sources, the first person who taught locals the teaching of Islam was Ameer Kabeer Syed Ali Haamdani in 1370 who converted the locals to Islam from Buddhism. Yabgo Family was the ruler of Khaplu from the past centuries. They have ruled this area for a long time. After its independence in 1947, Khaplu is a part of Pakistan without any constitutional rights.


Khaplu is probably the only village or valley in Pakistan that shares its border with different countries. Khaplu shares its borders with Tibet, Ladakh, Kargil, Kashmir, China, and some other Central Asian countries.

Home Of Glacier & Mountains

Khaplu is covered its surrounded by mountains and glaciers. It is the region where the world’s higher glacier known as ” Siachen Glacier ” is also in this area. Moreover, three Karakoram ranges are located in this region: Mashebrum, Gondogoro, Chogolisa, K-6, and K-7. Every year in summer thousands of local and International tourists visit to conquer these mountains.

Picnic Spots

Khaplu is considered a home for local and international tourists. Many tourist picnic spots are like homes for visitors. Some famous points are

  • Saling
  • Khaplu palace 
  • Chaqchan Mosque
  • Khaplu Khanqah
  • Hatchi Khar
  • Khaplu viewpoint
  • Mashabrum viewpoint
  • Thoksikhar palace
  • Balqhar Spang
  • Ghwari tree point
  • Khaplu Broq 
  • Surmo Broq
  • Thalay Broq
  • Barah Broq

Barah Valley

Barah Valley Baltistan is a very beautiful amazing that is situated on the bank of the world’s coldest river Shyok in the Ghanche district. Nature has blessed this area with beauty and natural beauty that shock the tourists and the tourist gets lost in the beauty.

When the guests and people from outside come to visit the valley, they must stop here once go around this valley, and leave enjoying themselves. A feature of Brah Valley is this
The greatest gift of nature in this area is the hot spring here, the specialty of this hot spring is that it stays at eight degrees Celsius both in summer and winter. This fountain is not the property of any individual but it is the property of the entire village. If fish farming is started here with consensus and cooperation, the people here can get many benefits and help improve the quality of life of the people here!

Lakes in Khaplu

Khaplu District Ghanche is the home of lakes. Many natural lakes are the main tourist attractions and picnic spots. Some amazing and mind-blowing lakes including Ghanche Lake, Kharfarq Lake, Daholi Lake Barah Lake, and Sogha Lake. Ghache Lake is the main and only lake that provides the water to whole Khaplu Valley. The surroundings of all lakes are lush green and beautiful with amazing scenery.


One of the most interesting and amazing facts about Khaplu is Mosques. There is a Mosque on the top of the mountain named Thoqsikhar Masjid was built 700 years ago. Chaqchan Masjid also in Khaplu was built by Ameer Kabeer Syed Ali Hamdani in 1300. Khanqah Mualla Khaplu is a unique Mosque that is completely built with wood.

Broq of Khaplu

Khaplu Broq is the only Broq in Gilgit Baltistan that is accessible through RCC Road. All other Broqs of Gilgit Baltistan have no facilities of road. People of Khaplu Valley can easily go through motorbikes, Cars, Jeeps, and Tractors. The total distance from Khaplu to Khaplu Broq is 1 hour. This is the best and ideal place in Khaplu for agricultural purposes. This is an ideal location for cultivating different vegetables. Different types of crops and vegetables are cultivated in the Broq every summer. The Crops and vegetables are Wheat, Maize, corn, Potatoes, onion, tomatoes, peas, and cabbage.

Eid Celebrations in Khaplu

The total population of Khaplu is Muslim. All Muslim festivals are celebrated with religious passion. Eid ul Fitr is celebrated after the holy month of Ramadan in Khaplu Valley. People wake up early in the morning and get ready for Eid prayers. After the prayers, they go to the homes of their friends and relatives and wish them Eid blessings. They made special foods for the visitors. Eidi is given to the children.

Eid ul Azha is the biggest Eid for Muslims. It is celebrated all over the world on the 10th Zil Hajj. People of this valley also celebrate this Eid with their passion for Islam. They start the day with Eid prayers in their local mosque of Eidgaah. Then they start the Qurbani which are celebrated to remember Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail. After the sacrifices, they divided the meat into three parts. One for themself, one for their relatives, and the other one for the poor and deserving people of town.

Some other Eid celebrated in this valley include Eid e Milad un Nabi SAWW on 17 Rabi ul Awwal, Yom e Ali a.s on 13 Rajab, Yom e Hussain a.s on 3rd Shaban, Shab e Barat, Yom e Wiladat Imam Zamana a.s on 15 Shaban, and Eid e Ghadeer on 18th Zill Hajj.

Local Festivals

Khaplu is also famous for its rich local cultural festival. Many festivals are held here every year. Some festivals include the Spring Blossom Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Jashane e Mayfang, Jashan e Nowroz, Pakistan Day Festival, Jashan e Ghanche, etc.

Does the Khaplu border meet with China?

No, the Khaplu border meets with India on three different points but the border of China meets with Gilgit District.

What is the total distance from Islamabad to Khaplu?

The total distance from Islamabad to Khaplu is 14 hr 33 min (741.6 km) via N-15.

How do the people of Khaplu survive in the winter season?

Winter season is the most dangerous and nightmare for the locals of Khaplu. The temperature goes down to -25 in winter. Sometimes roads are blocked due to heavy rainfall and landsliding.

Can I visit Khaplu Valley in winter?

Winter is the most amazing season to visit in Khaplu. Tourists can explore some amazing treks, glaciers, and Snowfalling.