Khaplu Broq : Explore A Hidden Paradise in Khaplu Ghanche

Many tourists have visited Khaplu Valley many times and explored its beautiful landscape, culture, and culture of Khaplu. But as a local Khaplu residence, only a few domestic and international tourists and travelers enthusiasts know about this place which I will discuss in this blog. The main reason people are unaware of this place is due to a lack of information. I suggest all local and international tourists visit this place if they have made plans to visit Gilgit Baltistan this summer and make your summer trip most memorable. I am sure you will not regret visiting this place.

Khaplu Broq Location:

Khaplu Broq is located 300 meters away from sea level from the center of Khaplu. It takes 2 hours on foot and by transport, it takes only 25 minutes. The place is covered with lush green lands, snow-covered mountains, and crystal clear water which make the place more magnificent during summer. During winter the whole valley is covered with white snow. After seeing such a mesmerizing view it automatically blurts out this Qurani verse :

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ

Khaplu Broq Temperature

During winter the temperature drops below -12 to -15 due to being located at a high altitude from the sea level. In summer, during June and July, the temperature remains 10 to 15 degrees. Overall the valley temperature remains cold and the harsh wind blows in this region. It is recommended to take a warm jacket and blanket when you visit Khaplu Broq.

Best season to visit Khaplu Broq

The best season for visiting khaplu broq is June and July. During this season the whole valley is covered with greenery and the beautiful steam flowing, from the mountain enhances its beauty. The chirping of birds and the smooth-flowing water sound make the brain feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Khaplu Broq Parts :

Khaplu Broq has been divided into three parts :

  • Thang
  • Hanjoor
  • Khooli
  • Ehli
  • Kaldaq

Agriculture Significance :

For agricultural purposes, location is very important. For the better production of any crops, the location, climate adequate and reliable water supply, and soil play an important role and Khaplu Broq fulfilled all these requirements. Khaplu Broq is an ideal location and an agricultural hub for local people. During summer local farmers cultivate all types of crops and vegetables in this valley and export excess amounts to other cities in Pakistan generating huge amounts of revenue many local people’s occupations mainly depend on agriculture and their main income stream is from agriculture. The climate of this region is suitable for all types of crops.

Crop Growns:

Different types of crops and vegetables are cultivated in this region every summer :

  • Wheat
  • barley
  • Maize
  • corns
  • Potatoes
  • onion
  • tomatoes
  • peas
  • cabbage

Note: Potatoes are a very famous vegetable cultivated in this region and large quantities of potatoes are supplied from this region all over Pakistan.

How To Reach Khaplu Broq :

You can reach Khaplu Broq in two ways. One way starts from the Khaplu Polo ground side & the other way starts from Khaplu Lasar. Here I recommend you if you are an adventurous person then must choose the first ways. The track is a little bit difficult and the roads are unpaved but you will not regret it later. After a five-minute journey, you will reach Khaplu Shinjara. From here you can see beautiful views of nearby towns. After 20 minutes of tracking you will reach Khaplu Pondus. It takes 1 to 2 hours to reach Khaplu Broq if you start your journey from this side on foot.

Through Transport :

The local administration has allocated a special budget for Khaplu Broq road and made the road paved. Now by bike or vehicle, you can reach Khaplu Broq in 20 to 25 minutes. Mainly the local transporter charges 1000 to 2000 in local taxes. The fares may be different if you take luxurious model vehicles like TZ and Landcruisers. They usually charge fares of 5000 to 7000. If your budget is very less then you can also talk to any local biker he can take you to Khaplu Broq for 500 to 600 fares.

Hotel / Guest House Facilities :

As the tourist ratio increases in this area people have built guest houses for domestic and international tourists. All basic facilities are available like the downtown Khaplu guest houses. The rent per night is 1000 to 2000. All Pakistani & local dishes will be served on order.

Camping :

You can also go camping in Khaplu Broq. But you need to make all the arrangements by yourself. You need to purchase all the food items, utensils, and even match sticks from downtown Khaplu. Because there are no hotel or shop facilities in Khaplu broq. To avoid this chaos it is highly recommended to contact a local guest house owner he can make all the arrangements at a minimum budget.

Necessary Items Before Traveling Khaplu Broq

Make sure this necessary item with you before traveling :

  • Water Bottle
  • hat or cap
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Lightweight bag
  • Sunglasses
  • umbrella
  • First aid kit

Tourist Spot :

In Khaplu many places are still hidden from tourists’ eyes and one of the places is Khaplu Broq. Khpalu broq is located some 300m altitude from sea level. The valley is covered from four sides with mountains. During summer the lush green fields and pastures make the valley’s beauty increase. For tourist spots, these three places are well known :

  • Khaplu Hanjoor
  • Khaplu Kaldaq
  • Khaplu Ehli

Khaplu Hanjoor

In terms of area, Hanjoor is the largest region in Khaplu Broq. The distance from the center of Khaplu to Khaplu Hanjoor is about 10 to 12km. Hanjoor Broq is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and meadows which make the valley more attractive. To attract tourists the local administration is working in Khaplu Hanjoor and they already made the road well-paved and made a guest house for tourists. Moreover, the local NGO is also working to make it easier for local farmers and they have introduced different projects like making channels to smooth the flow of water to the field.

Activities :

Following activities can you perform in Khaplu Hanjoor :

  • Camping
  • rock climbing
  • Photography
  • Tracking
  • Bike safari

Which season is best to visit Khaplu Broq?

June and July are the best seasons to visit Khaplu Broq. Tourists can also visit during winter to see the snow-covered valley

What is the distance between the center of Khaplu City to Khaplu Broq?

It is approximately 15 to 25km by vehicle.