Chorbat Valley – Meeting Point of Ladakh and Baltistan

Chorbat Valley is the most beautiful valley in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. It is situated in District Ghanche in Gilgit Baltistan. This village is located in the center of Baltistan Pakistan and Ladakh India. Some parts of Chorbat Valley are in India and some parts are located in Pakistan.

The Pakistani side is located in District Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan and the Indian portion is in Nubra District Ladakh. In the 18th century, the King of this valley moved his capital from Siksa Valley to Turtuk village. Today, Siksa Valley is in Pakistan and Turtuk Valley is situated in India.


Chorbat is located at the Border of India and Pakistan near the great Shyok River. The traditional border of Chorbat and Ladakh marks the Chorbat La pass. The capital of this village is called Siksa and Turtuk is considered Ladakh’s capital.

There are 13 villages on the Baltistan side of Chorbat and five villages in Indian-occupied Ladakh. Frano, Siari, Piyon, Siksa Valley, Hassanabad, Marcha, Lunkha, and Dawu are the villages of the Pakistani side whereas Bogdang, Chalunka, Turtuk, Tyakshi, and Thang on the Indian side of the Line of Control.

The Chorbat Valley is surrounded by high Karakoram Range mountains and on the Shyok River’s side. The weather is extremely cold in winter due to Siachen Glacier and other high and cold glaciers. This valley has 4052 square kilometers (1,564 sq mi).


Agriculture, the Shyok River, High mountains, and peaks are the natural resources of Chorbat Valley. This village is considered a cold village which is why agriculture is only possible in summer, when as temperature goes down to -20 in winter. The crops include beans, potatoes, tomatoes, maize, etc. The people of this valley are hardworking and kind, they are living in a community system. Everyone would share in each other’s sorrows and pains.

When to Visit Chorbat

The best season to visit this village is winter and spring blossom season. In the spring blossom, the atmosphere of Chorbat is very amazing and everywhere you can see the flowers of apple, apricot, and cherry trees. In the summer the whole valley looks green and you can imagine it as paradise. The temperature goes down to -20 in winter with extreme cold.

How To Reach in Chorbat Valley?

The distance from Khaplu Valley to Chorbat Valley is 1 hr 50 min (59.2 km) via Turtuk – Khaplu Rd and Shyok Valley Rd. Whereas the distance between Skardu and Chorbat is 4 hr 33 min (169.1 km) via Shyok River Valley Road and Turtuk – Khaplu Rd. There is only a single road to visit this place from Khaplu. If the border between Pakistan and India opens, the tourists from both sides can visit each other country.

Education in Chorbat

Khaplu Chorbat literacy rate is the highest in the Ghanche district That is the reason the job ratio in the government department is also high. There are approximately more than 22 schools and colleges and for higher education, many families have already migrated to the city of Khaplu to give quality education to their children. Every year from the whole of Gilgit Baltistan couple of males and females qualify for the CSS example which is considered most toughest exam after CA which pass ratio is 2 to 3% from all over Pakistan.

Sports In Chorbat

Freestyle Polo

Freestyle polo is the most famous sport in Gilgit Baltistan. You can call it the national sport of Gilgit Baltistan and it’s played all over Gilgit Baltistan. Chorbat is famous for freestyle polo. Its team remains the champion in different Khaplu polo tournaments. Some of its players are famous all over Gilgit Baltistan and they are selected for district-level tournaments in Gilgit Baltistan. The combat team also participates in different tournaments at both local and district levels.


After freestyle polo cricket is the most famous sport played in Chorbat Valley. Every year in the district-level cricket tournament team Khaplu gives a tough time to opponent teams with their incredible bowling and batting. Hussaibabad and Siksa teams are the considered best teams in the whole Khaplu and these teams remain champions for a long time in domestic Khaplu Saling tournaments. Some of its players are playing domestic level in different leagues in Pakistan. Many players are selected Ghanche 11 district hardball team which participates Gigit Baltistan league which is the biggest league played among different districts in Gilgit Baltistan and all-district teams. A lot of emerging talented players are here in this region . Due to a lack of facilities players are unable to pursue their dream to play for the national team. If the Government gives proper guidance and support they can represent Pakistan International level.


Volleyball is also one of the favorite sports of Chorbat Valley. different tournaments are introduced every year and different neibhhoods from Chorbat Valley participate in these tournaments. Some team also participates center Khaplu’s different tournaments and conquer in different tournaments. A huge number of volleyball fans are here in this region. For small and small tournaments huge number of fans attend to cheer their favorite teams and players.